Photography Arrangements

Photography service revenues and their use

The fish catching pond for the ospreys was originally built to serve osprey-related research and protection of the species. The bird-hides were also built primarily for research and conservation purposes and intended only for the foundation’s use.

However, the dozens of nature photographers visiting the area wanted to extend the bird-hide renting conditions to include all photographers in return for a small fee. This suggestion was accepted in the foundation for the reason that purchasing the fish for the ospreys, feeding fish and the general upkeep of the fish pond is an annual expense of thousands of euros for the foundation.

Nowadays, the revenues from the photography services are targeted to cover most of the up keeping expenses. The goal for future years is that the rental revenues could cover the expenses entirely.

The fish catching pond and the bird-hides are kept up solely by volunteer work. All incoming money is targeted entirely to the conservation and protection of ospreys.

The Osprey Foundation wishes that the nature photographers visiting the area would keep in mind that the infrastructure and all bird-hide-related services are kept up by volunteer workers.

Consequently, the level of the services does not always meet that of a professional travel agency. However, it is good to acknowledge that the money raised in the bird-hide renting is entirely used for the protecting and conservation of the endangered ospreys.


Photography Spots for Rent

Photographing and filming the ospreys can take place in the Bird Hides (1-6), High Tower (7), Public Osprey Tower (8).
In spring 2015 we will open a new Wetland Area Tower (9) with ten (10) photography spots. All of them are available for wheelchair users.

Rental prices for photographers at Bird Hides, High Tower, Public Tower and Wetland Area Tower are on the subpage Photography instructions

1. Photography at the Bird-Hides around the osprey pond

There are 11 photography spots in 6 hides around the Osprey pond. All hides are well equipped with wall mounted camera stands, sandbags etc. Hides 2 and 3 have also an electric outlet for charging the camera batteries and two modest beds for resting.

Detailed instructions for Bird Hide photographers can be found here. You can book Hides in advance for the summer season using our internet booking system. See the subpage (Hide) Booking Calendar

2. Photographig osperys etc in the High Tower

In the new High Tower there are 4  camera openings equipped with camera stands, sandbags etc. (Similar as in Bird Hides.) Detailed instructions for High Tower photographers, see here.

The High Tower and the public tower are located about  40 meters from the ospreys’ nutrition pond. You can book the High Tower also in advance using our new internet booking system. See the subpage (Hide) Booking Calendar.

3. Photographing ospreys etc in the Osprey Tower

The public tower offers you the chance to photograph through semi permeable glass windows free of charge. Better photos can be taken by renting one of the six (6) special photography openings available for photographing.

The special photography windows of the public tower can be rented only when you are at Pohtiolampi. The key can be attained for use from the Osprey Center's Cafeteria. Instructions for photographers at the public watchtower are here.

4. Photography in the Wetland Area Tower

Photography spots can be rented in advance for the summer season with our internet booking system. On the wetland area you can photograph mostly waterbirds, gulls and shorebirds.
Remark! There are no fishes on the wetland area. Due to this, it,s not possible to photograph ospreys preying.

Detailed instructions for Wetland Area photographers, see here.

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