Photography and accommodation in 2018


During the summer season 2018 Photography and Accommodation Services are available as follows:

1) Photography/Bird hides 1-6 at the Osprey nutrition pond.
They all can be booked in advance for one amateur or professional photographer and his 1-3 photographer fellows. (Recommended group size is 2-3 people.)
The length of the reservation is 1-6 days.

These Hides can also be booked in the Cafeteria during opening hours if available.

2) Photography spots for 1-4 photographers in the new High Tower. All of them can also be booked in advance for 1-6 days for one amateur or professional photographer and his 1-3 photographer fellows.

These spots can also be booked in the Cafeteria during opening hours.

3) Photography spots in the Public Osprey Tower. There are six (6) openings available for photographing.

These openings can be booked and rented only at the Pohtiolampi Cafeteria during opening hours.

4) Accommodation. For photographers (and other Pohtiolampi visitors as well) there are two (2) separate apartments with a twin bedroom. These apartments can thus accommodate a total of four (4) visitors, which can be booked in advance with a new online booking system.

These can also be booked during the summer season in the Cafeteria during opening hours. The Osprey Foundation forwards all accommodation bookings to the tourist agency of the target (Taigabird Ltd), which is responsible for accommodation arrangements.

The price lists and instructions of all Photography and Accommodation services are on the Instructions -page.

We kindly ask you to become acquainted with the instructions in advance.

Booking System

Bookings for the season 2018 will start on Saturday 13th January 2018 at 9.00 (local time), when the starting page of the booking system opens.
Photography and accommodation services are available from April 9th at 18:00 to September 16th at 17:30.

Attention! Please refresh calendar pages (in Windows by pressing F5 or Ctrl+F5) if they are not displayed correctly.

The Booking System is outlined as follows:

1. Select the service:
Photography Service or Accommodation Service

2. The calendar of the selected service will open.
All red coloured dates are reserved. Dates with green colour are available. The digit in the green date indicates the max number of people for the service.

3. Select the Target:
Photography Services: Bird hides 1-6 or High Tower,
Accommodation Services: Accommodation in Room1 or Room2.

4. The calendar of the selected target will open. All reserved dates are marked with red colour. Select and click the digit in a free (green) date. This will be your start/arriving day at 18:00.

5. Fill the opening booking card carefully. All text fields marked with an Asterix (*) are mandatory and you have to fill them correctly. An important text field is your email address, which is the address where the confirmation will be sent.

6. The end day of the booking. If your booking is for more than one day, you can type the end day (departure day at 17:30) on the booking card. Photography services are out of use on every Friday (maintenance day). Therefore, booking from Thursday at 18:00 to Friday at 17:30 is not possible.

7. When booking Photography services it is important that all names of your photographer friends are written in the appropriate data fields. At the same time you should write, either each friend is a professional (Pro) or amateur photographer (Amateur). The price is higher for professional photographers from April 9 to July 31.

8. Before you can press the Book button you have to approve booking terms, which are linked to the information on our website, Instructions -page.

9. Booking is impossible, if it goes on top of someone else's booking period or if some of the mandatory fields are empty. In this case there are remarks above the booking card. When all text fields are filled and terms of booking have been accepted, the booking can be made by pressing Book.

10. Confirmation of the booking. After the successful booking you will get the confirmation via the e-mail given in the booking card. Later on you can change your booking or cancel it following the link in the confirmation e-mail.

It is not possible to make the reservations yet. Bookings for the season 2018 will start on January 13th at 9:00 a.m. (local time), when the starting page of the booking system opens. Bookings done before this point will be cancelled.