Photographer Garry Ridsdale (ARPS) was at Pohtiolampi for one week in September 2011 photographing ospreys, his favourite birds. He also made an awesome video about the Ospreys at Pohtiolampi. Ospreys at Pohtiolampi, Finland
Garry Ridsdale's homepage:

Webcam and Osprey Dive statisticsA web camera has been at the Ospreys nutrition pool for four years (2010-2013). Our website visitors have followed Live video broadcastings during summer seasons from dawn to dusk. Webcam image and video recordings have been studied and all Osprey dives have been counted on a daily basis. The statistics are available on the following statistical reports:

Statistics of Osprey Dives in summer 2010
Statistics of Osprey Dives in summer 2011
Statistics of Osprey Dives in summer 2012
Statistics of Osprey Dives in summer 2013
(2011-2013 statistics also contain information from previous years.)

Unfortunately we can not continue the webcam broadcasting in 2014, because the broadcasting service (Bambuser) is not free of charges anymore. Another reason is that the camera service maintenance and compilation of statistics causes such a large amount of work that it is no longer possible to treat.
We thank all our webcam watchers!