Osprey Links, Finland and other countries

Wikipedia (General information)
YouTube (Osprey Foundation)

1. Osprey Research

From Finland:
Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki,
prof. Pertti Saurola:
The Monitoring study on the Osprey
Finnish Satellite Ospreys

From abroad:Le9-250
Rob Bierragaard's Website, USA
Osprey Watch (Center for Conservation Biology, Virginia, USA)
Dyfi Osprey Project (The Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust)
Highland Foundation for Wildlife (Ospreys from Scotland)
Rutland Ospreys (The British Osprey Oroject)
New Jersey Osprey Project (Conserve Wildlife, Foundation of New Jersey)

2. Osprey Webcams

Osprey nest at Marjaniemi, Hailuoto, Finland
Seili nest, Seili, Finland
RSBP Loch Garten, Highlands, Scotland
Loch of the Lowes Wildlife Reserve, Dunkeld, Scotland
Dunedin Osprey Cam, Florida, USA
Seattle, Washington, USA
Osprey Nest's world wide

3. Videos and photographs

Lintukuva.fi - 105 Osprey Photographs
Hannu Vainiopakka -  Ca. 750 Osprey Photographs
- 10 Osprey Videos
ARKIVE - 35 Osprey Photographs
The Internet Bird Collection (IBC) Osprey
- Videos, Photographs and Sounds

4. Forums, Message Boards etc.

Osprey's Nest Forum - The Place To Be! Forum in Finnish / English
Hancock Wildlife Foundation - Ospreys and Owls, Forum in English
Bird Cams Around the World - Forum in English
The Dennis Puleston Osprey Fund, Ospreys (Long Island), Web-camera, Message Board (in English)
Looduskalender, Estonian Forum, Ospreys and Eagles in Finland (in English)